Friday, November 23, 2012

View SharePoint Content Database Growth with Powershell

Recently I've been asked to move some sites and site collections back and forth between the Production and Pre-Production environments for Testing, Development and even for a quick recovery option if something is broken by a user. 

I had a concern: "Do we I have enough room in the non-Production Enviroments for theses moves?".

I have a script to be more proactive and a little less reactive to potential disk space issues. Here's the simple Powershell Script and a little bit of Technical Math for presenting easy to read results.

1.  Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
2.  $date = ( get-date ).ToString('yyyyMMdd')
3.  $file = New-Item -type file "c:\DBSizes\$date-dbsize.csv"
4.  Get-SPDatabase | Sort-Object disksizerequired -desc | Select-Object Name, WebApplication, CurrentSiteCount, @{Label ="Size in MB"; Expression = {$_.disksizerequired/1024/1024}}
Export-CSV -path $file

Basically this script will pull the all the sizing informatino of the databases in the SharePoint Farm. It will include all Service and Content DB's. This will also export the results to a CSV and then formatting the size in MB rather that just Bytes.

I'm going to use this script as a Windows Scheduled Task and execute it monthly. The Task is going to run as the farm account and will pull sizing information from all Databases in the Farm and drop it in in a Folder called "DBSizes".  Nothing tremendously ground breaking here, just a really simple way to see what's going on in your environment and where growth has occurred. 


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